4D database programming for Windows and Mac.
 4D experts, specializing in enhancements or repairs of your current 4th Dimension database.

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4D Wizards

A 4th Dimension consulting and programming company
has a well established reputation for offering its customers

  • Fast efficient work
  • Reasonable prices
  • High quality
  • Professional reports
4D Wizards are experts in creating new custom databases to help both management and employees do their jobs quickly and effectively. Our databases are very easy to use.

If your 4th Dimension database needs just a couple of changes or requires a complete overhaul, we are the professionals you can count on.

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How to take care of your 4D database

4th Dimension is a multi-platform relational database that works on Windows and Macintosh.  Its ease of use allows a developer to get a very powerful database up and running far more quickly than any non 4th Dimension database.

4th Dimension's superiority over other databases with respect to performance and price.  This is largely due to the fact that 4D databases require the barest minimum of maintenance and administration.

4D users cite the emphasis on increasing data stability; this minimizes management overhead. 4th Dimension has the necessary functionality that today's market demands to a make a business successful.

4D is fast.
4D is relational.
4D is multi-user.
4D is multi-platform.
4D has built-in graphs.
4D connects to the web.
4D supports drag-and-drop.
4th Dimension is user friendly.
4th Dimension has built-in reports.
4th Dimension is extremely powerful.

4 Wizards is a fun company to work with.
4th Dimension uses client-server architecture.
4th Dimension can generate HTML automatically.
4th Dimension always keeps up with new technology.
4th Dimension has a great customizable user interface.

4D Wizards = 4D Experts

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